Saturday, 27 March 2010

Home Of The Brave?

America has been dragged, kicking and screaming, back into the 20th century.

They finally have health care as applied by the governing classes. Quite where the governing classes will go for their suddenly essential care is a mystery. President Obama showed sleight of hand and not a little cold-blooded thuggery in destroying what was left of medicine, and making sure that nobody will ever experience any miracles again.

He was able to do this due to the fantasy that 'America' can do things.
America is a state.
A free state is one where things happen, because people do them. So when Fleming discovered Penicillin in 1929 in Paddington Hospital in London, it wasn't until the more properly industrialised health businesses in the US got their hands on it, that it was mass-produced into a wonder drug - in 1944, 15 years later.

Now Obama has made sure that there will be no more miracles.
Because he has killed both the means and the motive to improve.

But rest assured, you will all be entitled to the diminishing standards of whatever old treatments are deemed sufficient.

America truly did this.
Americans won't be able to look after themselves or anybody else any more.

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