Saturday, 16 March 2013

Threatening Weather

So you receive verbal instructions.
You follow the verbal instructions because you've been told that's your job.

You do it.

You update with a written progress report.

The instructor replies with an abusive teardown, implying you haven't done your job.
Can't do your job.

Copies in your boss.

You reply immediately with the truth.

Copy in your boss.

I have realised that by doing as I'm told my abilities and performance have suffered.

Made an official complaint.

The instructor goes 'sick'.

Nobody much seems perturbed.

There is a pattern. This sort of thing happens every time I'm financially ready to make a move on my own plans.

They usually try to destroy me in detail, try to eradicate the values I hold and the ability to hold them.

Or lose me my job, to make me consume my resources. Or just steal them anyway.

Now; they can't steal them. They can't reach me. I'm fighting them at work, and I think I'll win.

So what next? Cold-blooded murder? Watch this space.

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