Saturday, 25 August 2012

Lift Up A Stone?

Not likely. I kick a few over while I'm walking, but all too frequently, you see something, as you do in properly hot countries, resembling a Scorpion.

Of course, in my case it's usually a racialist or a Nazi or a Randroid.

Of these, the Randroids are the worst.

In seeing that I quite like Ayn Rand's work, they seek to exploit a common value.

They are self-serving of course, and what selves; they range from those who seek to acquire a mass of followers for themselves to those who seek to acquire - and retain - a mass of followers for Ayn Rand.

Not being a follower myself, I find this a source of disappointment.

Of course, the one true test of this is to question any of the output from Mount Randlympus, and (by agreeing with Rand) apply your own critical thoughts to this work in loyalty to yourself.

Then the deluge of subjective, self-contradictory bull shit really descends, as you deprive essentially fragile people of the crutch they use instead of their minds.

Sympathy? Perhaps. Disagreement? Certainly.

To what end?

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