Friday, 1 June 2012

Supernatural Fear

To people not acquainted with the rigours and efforts of reasoned understanding, those millions accustomed to feeling their enthusiasms as sufficient justification for pursuing any suicidal action, the writings of Ayn Rand must seem to possess the dark energy of pure witchcraft.

Indeed, attempts are made from within the noisy terror to burn this particular witch with unsurprising regularity.
Of course, it isn't Capitalism which is to blame for our current difficulties, it was the state manipulation of mortgage markets which caused the crash.
Governments simply thought, with criminal irresponsibility, that it would lengthen their personal careers if they used property-based credit as a lever to sustain a purchasing boom. The money went to China unfortunately, due to the state slavery which meant lower labour costs.

Meanwhile places like Spain, the shining boys of international political patronage, became a giant experiment in Keynesian delusion.
These economies were supposed to roar into a rich future, powered by euro-money infrastructure that would guarantee full employment and riches for all time.

Now that the Spanish credit-drunkard has finally vomited itself into the gutter, we see the inevitable Keynes-made world; a world of new roads which carry nothing, dozens of new airports with no aircraft or destinations, gleaming villages which won't get out of debt for several thousands of years, and 20% unemployment.
The solution to this isn't one thing, we know. It isn't Keynes.

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