Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Meanwhile, Back In Libya....

So now things are becoming clearer;
the stinking bastards who rule the 'West' have made some noises.
But they kind of like Gaddafi, he is a 'safe pair of hands'.

And there is precious little evidence of anything seriously bad happening; sure, the folks in Benghazi got a little upset, but Gaddafi is making promises.

Maybe these people should 'be reasonable'.

And as the tanks roll, and battles take place where journalists are forbidden, which is basically where the news is, then everybody in the world will simple suck it up as freedom is destroyed before it gets dangerous, and the 'Old Man' learns his lesson.

Everybody happy.

Gaddafi gets to stay, Obama's talk remains cheap and is forgotten over a beer at the Whitehouse, the Europeans go back to being terrified, and the ogre of Freedom is caged again.

Strong government in Libya once more, the amnesty quietly forgotten as thousands more are murdered, but in their beds, now that they know we won't help, and we can all sleep sounder knowing that a couple of men making printer cartridge bombs are being held at bay by second-hand genocide.

Never mind the eye-witnesses. There's no evidence, and where are they now? Why, they're never around when you need them.
Not that we do.

And aren't they just like our rulers, pigs at the troughs?

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