Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Whenever I go for a drive, I end up behind a vehicle displaying the 'Help For Heroes' bumper sticker.
This shows the silhouette of two soldiers carrying a stretcher with an injured comrade.

Once again we are told the bedtime story of how the military is about saving lives, and how to be a hero all you have to do is dedicate yourself to the legacy of Blair's lies and go off to kill people whenever you're told.
If you do get hurt, you're supposed to rely on the readers of the tabloid press to dub you a hero and cover the stench of lies and murder in heaps of paper flowers.

This is the thinking that made it possible for the Germans to murder millions and invade Europe 60 years ago, and it shouldn't belong in Britain.

Britain has an all volunteer military; in what possible universe can volunteering for fighting qualify you to whine to the Sun or the Daily Mail after you get hurt? It is no coincidence that the public boosting of the image of the military in this country has reached new levels, the less actual honour they really deserve.

The real cause of this sympathy is the blunted guilt being deflected by the criminals that abuse our military. By appearing to encourage sympathy for the British victims of their murderousness, they hoped to fasten themselves to one last streak of decency in the British people, and by doing so, exterminate it - so that they could turn around with a smile when they were found out and say it was our fault, not theirs.

Which makes the military the dupes of both domestic and foreign politics.

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