Saturday, 22 May 2010

Junk Mail.

The mental processes leading to the creation of junk mail headers must be both remarkable and banal at the same time; the assumptions made are utterly fantastic.
Would I really be referred to as 'Mr. Voluntary'? Am I impotent because I'm in my forties? Even more amazing, are my own mental processes sufficiently malformed that I would seriously consider taking drugs to concentrate?
What the hell is it with people and 'drugs'?
Why do so many people hate their own nature so much that they would consider consuming chemicals to change or disguise it?

The answer is straightforward actually.

People who take drugs are judging themselves by unattainable standards, standards which it is not humanly possible to reach.
For this reason, they are already sick before they take the drugs. What happens after just takes them further away from being human.

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